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Choosing Hope Over Hurdles

You might be wondering, “Why Kenya?” Let me take you through the decision-making process that led me there. Initially, I was drawn to the Kiran Infertility Center in Hyderabad, India, primarily due to its affordability. However, just when I was ready to embark on this journey, India introduced a new law. It required at least one of the intended parents to have an Indian passport, a criterion I didn’t meet. This left me with a few options: Kenya, Ukraine, and Laos.

So, let’s talk about Kenya first. The country’s current surrogacy legislation is surprisingly welcoming, making it a popular destination for what’s known as “reproductive tourism.” It’s particularly noted for its Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programs. The total cost? Around $45,000 for the entire surrogacy process using either self-eggs or donor eggs from various ethnic backgrounds. Another convenient option Kenya offers is the ability to send frozen sperm or embryos, which is a great alternative if travelling for the initial visit isn’t feasible. Plus, they have this Multiple Embryo Transfer Guaranteed Surrogacy program – an interesting aspect that caught my attention.


Next up, Ukraine. This country is one of the few where laws explicitly support and regulate surrogacy and egg donation. According to Article 123 of their Family Code, the child born to a surrogate mother using assisted reproductive technologies is legally recognized as the child of the Intended Parents, and their names are the ones that appear on the birth certificate. The cost of their surrogacy program with Caucasian Egg Donation hovers around $42,000. However, there’s a significant catch: only married heterosexual couples are eligible, which ruled me out.


Then there’s Laos. It’s a relatively new player in the surrogacy arena but is quickly gaining traction. Unlike Thailand, where surrogacy has been banned, Laos has no specific surrogacy law. This lack of regulation means that the surrogate mother’s name is initially on the birth certificate alongside the biological father’s. She then relinquishes her rights, giving full custody to the biological father. The cost here is higher, around $60,000, and that’s excluding the cost of egg donors, whether local or Caucasian. It’s particularly popular among Chinese couples seeking surrogacy services.

Considering all these factors, Kenya emerged as the clear choice for me. The combination of a supportive legal framework, cost-effectiveness, and the flexibility of the surrogacy process made it the most feasible and appealing option. It wasn’t just about the laws or the costs; it was about finding a place where my dream of fatherhood could become a reality. And so, with a hopeful heart, I set my sights on Kenya, ready to embark on one of the most significant journeys of my life.



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