“why Kenya?

“why Kenya?

So why Kenya? Well as I prevision mentioned the cost was a deciding factor in why I choose Kiran Infertility Center in Hyderabad, India. But when I decided to go for it, India passed a law, which stated that one of the intended parents of the child must have an Indian passport. So I was left with these choices; Kenya, Ukraine and Laos.

Kenya- The current surrogacy legislation in Kenya makes it an attractive destination for “reproductive tourists and especially Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programs.” The total cost for self eggs or Caucasian / African Donor Surrogacy program is $45,000. You also have the option of sending frozen sperms or embryos, if not possible to travel for the initial visit. They also offer a Multiple Embryo Transfer Guaranteed Surrogacy program in Kenya.

Ukraine- Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world where the law approves and duly regulates the usage ART services-surrogacy and egg donation in particular. Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine confirms the child born from surrogate mother as a result of usage of assisted reproductive technologies belongs to the Intended Parents and their names are written on the baby’s birth certificate. The total cost of surrogacy program with Caucasian ED is around $42,000. Only married “hetero” couples are eligible.

Laos – Laos is relatively new surrogacy destination, but it is catching up. There is no surrogacy law in Laos, that is why after the ban on surrogacy in Thailand most of the Intended Parents are opting Laos as their next surrogacy destination. In Laos, in the birth certificate, a surrogate mother’s name is written along with biological father. After that, the surrogate mother will relinquish all her right about the baby and give full custody to child’s biological father. The cost of surrogacy program is $60,000, and cost of egg donors – local or Caucasian is additional. It is one of the most sought-after destinations for Chinese couples.

So Kenya it was.

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  • Cool diary. So you never considered Mexico. I heard they still do gay surrogacy in Cancun and Mexico City

  • You said in another post that the cost of donor eggs depends on their ethnicity. Is the $45k surrogacy program in kenya the same price regardless of donor eggs ethnicity? Or is the total cost more expensive if the eggs are caucasian?

  • Did you or will you have to pay additional expenses as part of the surrogacy program because the pregnancy resulted in twins??

  • It seems the clinic encreased the price , now it is U$ 50k plus U$ 8k in case of tweens . Also ther is extra cost on top of it for C-section and extra daily hospital care for premature which the price is unknown. Looks the clinic took advantage of your publicity. And get some extra proftis.

  • What a beautiful family! Me and my husband are looking to go through the same procedure- preferably in Kenya. What is the name of the Clinic- it worked great for you- we were thinking you could if us a reference.

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