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My Surrogacy Journey

I documented my journey through surrogacy, to help single males wanting to become fathers. Actually, for anyone going through surrogacy and IVF. I know it’s something everyone says and when you are going through it, it’s very difficult, but, just be positive. Try to be happy in your life. And remember to enjoy every step of it no matter how difficult. Thank you for following and don’t forget to subscribe! (:

My First Step

My First Step
This is my first video-log. I decided to do. After years of wanting to have a child. I paid my first deposit and started my journey of surrogacy.

Getting Ready For IVF

These were the things I was taking to improve my sperm quality, quantity and mobility and it worked for me. I am a healthy man and don’t have any medical issues so if you do, I recommend you see your doctor before taking anything.


Finally in Kenya to deposit my semen and start the surrogacy process. Here we go!

The Clinic

A look at the clinic in Mombasa, Kenya.


I guess one of the hardest things about the surrogacy process is waiting. Being on the other side of the world and feeling helpless. Not being able to do anything but wait.

1st Embryo Transfer

So with the continued success of IVF, I was confident that she would be pregnant. Nov 25th they did the first transfer.

1st Embryo Transfer Results

So as I was waiting the 15 days to see if she was pregnant, I felt very positive. It was a time in my life where I really needed some good news. Around 6 pm I receive a text message, “Hi, Sorry but this time it is not in favor.” I ended up staying with my parents for 2 days not leaving my room, picked myself up and waited patiently for the second transfer.

2nd Embryo Transfer

Time seems to stop when you are waiting for the results. The second Embryo transfer happened on Dec 12, 2017. I was in Toronto with my family. I was optimistic that this time it would be positive. I was in a good place (I thought!) surrounded by love and support so what could go wrong?

3rd Embryo Transfer

Surrogacy and IVF is an extremely long and painful journey. By the third time of the embryo transfer process, it is difficult to remain positive. You start questioning everything. Is God trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be a father? I will remain positive and continue to believe that I too can be a father.

3rd Embryo Transfer Results

Third Embryo Transfer, unsuccessful. I’m not sure what to say! If I hear, “hang in there,” or “everything happens for a reason,” I will probably kill someone. It’s hard to remain positive when it’s just not going your way. Maybe I’m just not meant to be a dad.

Choosing a New Egg Donor – (5th Embryo Transfer)

By the 4th time of embryo transfers, I really thought that’s it. Being a father is not in my cards. The 4th embryo transfer was unsuccessful and the clinic told me to choose a new donor. So I went through the list of women and picked the one that resonated with me. Then I let go. I stopped thinking about it and went on with my life.

A Single Father With Twins!!

Yes, a single father with TWINS!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I thank God every day for giving me this blessing, but 2? All I know is that I don’t have a clue about anything baby related; strollers? car seats? formula?

The Reveal (Gender Reveal Party of the Twins)

Finally, after all this time of waiting, I know what my babies are. I wanted to thank all my guests that were able to share this amazing day with me, it means the world to me to have you all in my life. And to my followers, thank you for all your comments and wish you could have been there, but enjoy the video. #grateful

Baby Registry

Thank you to Buy Buy Baby for helping me complete my registry. I definitely feel better now that I know what I need. Especially the things that will make my life easier. #buybuybabypartner

Meeting my Surrogate – 10 days before my twins are due!

Today was one of the most emotional days I have ever gone through. I don’t really know how to describe touching the belly of a woman I’ve never met and feeling my babies kick at the sound of my voice. 10 more days to go then I can finally have them in my arms. Surreal is the only word I can come up with. Watch along as I go through my surrogacy journey.