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The Dad Diaries | Trailer

The Journey Begins

Getting Ready for IVF

A SINGLE MANS Journey through SURROGACY | The Dad Diaries

I documented my journey through surrogacy, to help single men wanting to become fathers. Actually, for anyone going through surrogacy and IVF. It's difficult but just be positive. Try to be happy in your life. And remember to enjoy every step of it no matter how difficult it gets.

IVF Clinic - Mombasa, Kenya


1st Embryo transfer results

The Third Time Arround (3rd Embryo Transfer)

3rd Embryo transfer results

The Reveal (Gender Reveal Party of the Twins)

My Baby Registry

The clinic

1st Embryo transfer

2nd Embryo transfer results

Choosing a New Egg Donor - (5th Embryo Transfer)

A Single Father with Twins!!

Meeting my Surrogate - 10 days before my twins are due!