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Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Buy Buy Baby, meaning I received compensation and/or product in exchange for my honest review.

As a single dad, I gotta choose everything. Choosing the right stroller for the twins is hard, especially when you have no idea what the hell you are looking for. So I began reading up about  strollers and decided that I would look for three things.

1. Price – I’m a little bit of a snob and like to spend money on nice things for myself so nothing will change for the twins, but again, some prices are just crazy. I do like nice things, but I also look for a bargain.

2. Weight – I work out regularly, so I’m pretty fit. But when lugging around two babies, a diaper bag, and whatever I’m carrying at the time, I wanted something lite, or as lite as a twin stroller can be.

3. And finally, the third thing was the way it opened and closed. I read and saw horror stories of people fighting to close that damn stroller, and with my temper.

So I went to Buy Buy Baby to test out my top three; Peg Perego, The City Select, and the UPPAbaby.

Greeted by the always smiling Melly, we went to test out the strollers. Heres what I found.

UPPAbaby Vista – Approx. $1740
Besides the cost is exceptionally high, the UPPAbaby second seat doesn’t come in the same size as the first seat. And you also have to buy connectors which are sold separately. Overall the weight was manageable and closed up relatively easy-ish.

Peg Perego Team Double Stroller – Approx. $1640
The Peg Perego also comes with a bassinet, well one, I would need to buy the other one. The Peg was probably the heaviest of the lot. It took Melly with the help of Stephanie to open and close it. You seriously needed your Ph.D. in strollers to control that thing. When closed, it’s bulky and just way to heavy.

Baby Jogger – City Select Lux – Approx. $1350
I love it. It’s lite, closes with a button, and for the price, it’s also 400 dollars less than the Vista. I was impressed with the City Select, well as impressed as a stroller can get you.

One more thing checked off my list. The stroller needs to be with me for at least the next five years, and hopefully, I can re-sell it and make some money back. So thank you, Buy-Buy Baby, for again making life just that little bit easier. Next stop… Car Seats.



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