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As a parent, one of the main motivations for writing ‘The Twin Diaries: Stella and Mia Meet Papa’ was to help my children understand and appreciate their own unique family story. Stella and Mia, the twin sisters in the book, were born through surrogacy, and I wanted to make sure they knew how much they were wanted and loved right from the very beginning. By sharing their story in a way that is accessible and relatable to young readers, I hope to help them feel proud and empowered by their family’s journey.

I also wrote this book to fill a gap in children’s literature around surrogacy and non-traditional families. When I first started looking for books to help explain surrogacy to my girls, I was disappointed by the limited options available. Most of the books I found were either geared towards older children or were written in a way that didn’t feel age-appropriate or sensitive to the experiences of surrogacy. I wanted to create a resource that would help parents and caregivers explain surrogacy to young children in a way that felt positive and empowering.

Illustrations by The Art of Will

Another reason why I wrote this book is because I believe that representation matters. By including diverse family structures in children’s literature, we can help to promote understanding and acceptance for all families, regardless of how they came to be. I wanted to show that families created through surrogacy are just as loving, happy, and normal as any other family.

I wrote this book because I love storytelling and believe in the power of books to connect people and inspire empathy. The Twin Diaries: Stella and Mia Meet Papa is not only a story about surrogacy and non-traditional families, but also a story about love, hope, and the joys and challenges of parenthood. I hope that readers of all ages will be able to connect with the characters and themes in the book and come away with a greater sense of compassion and understanding for all families.

Illustrations by The Art of Will

As I reflect on my decision to write The Twin Diaries: Stella and Mia Meet Papa, I am filled with a sense of deep purpose and gratitude. Through this book, I have been able to share my family’s story with the world, and help promote understanding and acceptance for all families, regardless of their structure or how they came to be.

More than anything, though, I wrote this book for my daughters. I want them to know that they were wanted and loved from the very beginning and that their story is unique and beautiful. I want them to grow up feeling proud and empowered by their family’s journey.

As a parent, there is nothing more powerful or rewarding than being able to share your love and your story with your children. Through this book, I hope to inspire other parents and caregivers to do the same, and to help create a world where all families are celebrated and accepted, regardless of their differences.

To all the parents and caregivers out there who are navigating the complexities of surrogacy and non-traditional families, I see you, I hear you, and I am with you. Together, we can help create a brighter and more inclusive future for all children, where love and family come in many different forms, but where acceptance and understanding are universal.

I would like to thank the amazing and talented artist Kevin Cerqueira for his amazing illustrations.  His work can be viewed here (The Art of Will).



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