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“the clinic

There is really not much to say about the clinic. If you are from a first world country, then it’s probably not like you are used to. There is a reason why the cost is dramatically lower. Besides the heat that you encounter while in the waiting room. The facilities are well; I guess it gets the job done. The important thing is that my babies are healthy. The room where I had to deposit my semen, was painted pink with pink curtains and a pink bed. To top it all off, there is no internet. So if you are depositing alone, you better have an active imagination. Trying to cum in a cup in a pink room with the sound of an old air conditioner in the background was challenging. The doctor and lab technicians were extremely friendly; they explained everything to me in great detailed. All in all, I was satisfied but left the clinic with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was happy that the journey could finally begin, but it also felt very scientific a little unnatural. Let me explain the procedure.

The eggs I choose are flown to Kenya, where my semen is frozen. Once the eggs arrive, they implant them with my semen creating an embryo. The best and strongest embryos are chosen and implanted into the surrogate. The other embryos are frozen in case the first embryo transfer doesn’t take. Don’t get me wrong this baby was made from love, and there is no doubt that these babies are wanted and will be cared for to the best of my abilities. But when I saw the technical side of it, I felt a little selfish. Feeling selfish seems to be an ongoing feeling I have. I’m sure once I see my babies smile at me, the feeling will pass. I hope.





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