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The Baby Registry

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Buy Buy Baby, meaning I received compensation and/or product in exchange for my honest review.

So I never realized how stressful a baby registry is. I started my registry on Amazon but quickly got overwhelmed with what I needed to buy. And not understanding or knowing baby products it was extremely difficult to put this on it. Thanks to social media and all the wonderful mammas that follow me, they told me about Buy Buy Baby, so off I went. I have to say that the ladies at Buy Buy Baby really knew their stuff, and being in the store and actually seeing and feeling the products put a lot into perspective. It made it a lot easier to know what the product was actually for and how to use it. So you walk in and they hand you a gift bag full of amazing products, that in my case will come very handy for my travels in Kenya. You sit down, give them all your info and the with a scanner gun the journey begins.

I’m not gonna lie the whole experience was a lot, halfway through my brain just stopped working. I actually ended up breaking it down in 2 days, which I found helped a lot. That way you have time to go through what you scanned and on the second day remove or add what is needed. All in all the baby registry took me 5 solid hours broken down in 3 hours the first day and 2 the second. What I also liked about the sale associate at Buy Buy Baby was that they weren’t pushing their high priced items but honestly telling me what other customers thought about each product.

Can we talk about how expensive baby products are! Jesus! I just can’t fathom the thought of spending 1000 dollars on a product that they will only use for 6 months. And that was another thing about the store, they had a huge selection of everything so no matter what your budget is, they work around it. It’s crazy how many things there are for babies. Half the things I had no idea about, like the Nose-Frida, I didn’t know you have to suck the snot of your baby. And it’s crazy how fast things change. My mom, bless her soul, was with me and although she’s gone through the baby stage with both my brother and I, and was part of my niece and nephews baby stage, she also had no idea about half the products that were out there. My best friend Sonya (@house_of_kerrs) who is an experienced mamma of 4, also learned new things as product changed even in within the 3 years of her last baby. Don’t get me wrong she was an incredible help and support which made my experience a lot easier. Thank you, Sonya!!

All in all my experience with Buy Buy Baby was extremely positive. Now that my registry is done I feel a little better and they have taught me more than any baby class that I’ve taken. So, new parents, I know that registering for your baby is stressful, but I strongly recommend going into a store and seeing the products, and preferably going to a store where the people know there stuff. I strongly recommend Buy Buy Baby. All I know is that last night I slept a little better know that I got all the things that my babies will need when they arrive.  You guys could view my registry here, and experiences parents please feel free to reach out if you think I forgot anything.  Baby Registry.



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