The Dad Diaries


I guess one of the hardest things about the surrogacy process is the waiting. Being on the other side of the world and feeling helpless. Not being able to do anything but wait. Then, of course, all the questions and doubts come up. Am I doing the right thing? Can I be a good father? […]

“the clinic

There is really not much to say about the clinic. If you are from a first world country, then it’s probably not like you are used to. There is a reason why the cost is dramatically lower. Besides the heat that you encounter while in the waiting room. The facilities are well; I guess it […]


Jesus Murphy, as my mom would say! So here I am patiently waiting for the results of the first ultrasound. I should have received it on Tuesday, but Tuesday came and went, Wednesday passed, and by Thursday I started to become a little nervous, so I emailed the Doctor. 5 minutes later I receive a […]

From Stoned Swimmers to Super Sperm

From Stoned Swimmers to Super Sperm: My Unexpected Fertility Journey Here’s something I hadn’t mentioned yet about my surrogacy journey – it involves a rather unexpected twist involving a cup, a hospital in Bahrain, and my lifestyle choices. Before I signed the contract and set the date to head off to Kenya, a thought struck […]

“choosing an egg

Okay, I’m bad at choosing the right eggs at the supermarket, let alone select the genes of my child. What do you look for in a donor? So I get an email with about 40 women aged between 20-28. Besides a couple of pictures of what they look like, you get to know; age, height, […]

“the contract

So a couple of months of contemplating and talking to people with very mixed feelings, I decided to ask for the contract. I’m very used to business contracts and the majority of them you give no thought to, you give it to your lawyer and make sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. […]

Embarking on a Journey of Love and Science

Surrogacy – now, that’s a term that seems to ring a bell for most, but trust me, it’s a whole different ball game when you dive into its depths. I often find myself wearing the hat of an impromptu educator, delving into the nuances of this fascinating process with friends, family, and sometimes, even curious […]

Choosing Hope Over Hurdles

You might be wondering, “Why Kenya?” Let me take you through the decision-making process that led me there. Initially, I was drawn to the Kiran Infertility Center in Hyderabad, India, primarily due to its affordability. However, just when I was ready to embark on this journey, India introduced a new law. It required at least […]