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“step by step

So what exactly is surrogacy? A lot of people say they know what it is but I find myself explaining it to many people, and after they understand what it is, a lot don’t know what to say. My parents have been my biggest supporters; I don’t know if I would go through this journey without their continued love and support. A lot of my closes friends are very supportive, especially my girlfriends, who I hope know will be helping me out through all this! Some people don’t agree with my decision and think that I am playing God. That something so natural should not be done in a lab. That a baby should be conceived out of love and marriage. To those people I say, Trust me, this baby is made with the utmost love. And I will do everything in my power to make sure that this baby will grow up to be the best person she (I still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but I want a girl!) can be. And no matter what to never judge anyone for what makes them happy.

Surrogacy is a method or agreement whereby a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for another person or persons, who will become the newborn child’s parent(s) after birth. So basically I chose an egg. That egg is then implanted with my semen becoming an embryo. That embryo is then inserted into another woman (the surrogate), the surrogate then carries the baby, the baby has none of her DNA, for nine months, and on the due date, I am in Kenya waiting to hold my baby for the first time.

Sounds easy right? Nothing in life is easy, and if it were, I don’t know if I would appreciate it as much as I do. This has been a crazy journey, and I know the best is yet to come. This is my story; it may not be fun, it may not be the most upbeat, it may be the happiest story you’ve read, I don’t know. I’ll fill you in on the how, why, what, where and when and I’ll be honest about it. Tell me to produce a tv show from initial development to completion, sure in my sleep. But ask me what HCG levels are or how to put a newborn to bed, and your guess is as good as mine. I’m learning along the way. Today I learned that my surrogates HCG levels went up by 124% in 48 hours. (That’s a good thing!) But step by step, I will learn to be the best father I can be.



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