I found that one thing that goes down the toilet when becoming a parent is your self! Days and nights blur into one, you end up living in a onesie and realize, ‘fuck I haven’t showered in 3 days!’ Being a new parent is definitely hard work. I don’t care how “put together” you see people on social media being, it’s hard fucking work! I am fortunate and very grateful that I have my parents helping because if I had to do it alone… well let’s just say I completely, now understand postpartum depression!

So this got me thinking about #selcare. A lot of #selfcare brands have recently contacted me; from online yoga classes to botox, healthy food choices to a Costco size bag, of Chicago Mix. That got me thinking about the importance of #selfcare. If we take care of ourselves, we become calmer, healthier, happy parents. Because let’s face it, feeding, changing and rocking a baby is cute and all but sometimes we just need that bottle of wine while relaxing one night at Ste. Anne’s Spa.


Last week I started my #selfcare journey. I headed to @freedommedispa in Woodbridge and experienced #SculpSure. You see some people were born with a six-pack and I my friend wasn’t one of them! Before the girls; I would go six days a week to the gym with a personal trainer. And even at my best shape I always had my little pasta belly. There is a saying in Italian, ‘Uomo di panza uomo di sostanza,’ A man with a stomach, is a man with substance, but sweet baby Jesus I couldn’t get rid of it!!

I was very excited to try this. So basically it’s this laser that melts 24-36% of your fat in the area where you choose. So I got my lower belly strapped to these four tubes. And for 25 minutes the laser burns (melts?) the fat cells. The laser raises the temperature of fat cells, damaging their structural integrity, basically melting them. The body then naturally eliminates the dissolved fat cells. The fat cells are then flushed from the body by the lymphatic system. Apparently, the optimal results are usually seen after a few months. So you are advised to do two treatments with a cost of starting at $2400.

Let me say that it’s painful. It’s not like you can’t handle the pain but at the same time, the thought that in 4 weeks I gotta go do it again ain’t exciting. I guess for me if it can get rid of that stubborn fat, that for years of hard work I couldn’t get rid of, then let’s do it. Take a look at the video, if you haven’t. And don’t worry I’ll let you know how I look in a couple of months.

Although, if I don’t start the gym soon and stop eating bags of Chicago Mix I don’t think that even lipo would work! Well, let the #Selfcare journey begin! Last week #SculpSure, who’s this week gonna bring? I’d love to hear some of your ideas about #Selfcare. What do you all do to #selfcare?

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7 thoughts on “#Selfcare”

  • Self Care is SO important! I have 3 kids & my go to self care is exercise. I wake up Monday to Friday before everyone in the house does so I can get a workout in. Some days are hard & I may put it off until later in the day but I really find that getting regular exercise in really helps my mood & overall I feel like a better mom. Keep it up! You will feel so much better doing something for yourself.
    Your girls are beautiful ❤❤

  • Self care, that was my journey 3 years ago…it took me to get sick to really pay attention to my inside, yes I looked good on the outside but my inside was broken😏 making sure we eat better, take good supplements and get ride of the chemicals we use….it took me a year of traveling and learning and doing meditation to get my body back to normal got ride of the lumps on my breast(my mom passed away at 49 and my grand MA had her breast removed) ya so I needed to change my life ….I use my oils everyday and good supplements and I’m the healthiest I ever been, get up and feel amazing 💞 we all have a journey on this planet and mine I understand it now is sharing wellness🤩

  • I wish I was better at Self Care. Good for you!!! My oldest is 2, and youngest 8 months. It feels like I’m drowning most days. St Anne’s Spa sounds like a dream!

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