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From Jet-Setter to Fatherhood – Pre-Order


In this moving and inspiring memoir, Joseph Tito shares his extraordinary journey from the shores of the Arabian Sea to the bustling streets of Toronto and on to the vibrant heart of Kenya, all in pursuit of fatherhood against formidable odds. “From Jet-setter to Fatherhood,” tells a story of deep love and resilience, charting a course through cultural shocks and tough legal challenges.

Challenging societal norms with every step, Joseph, a single gay man, embarks on an unconventional quest for surrogacy in Kenya, drawn by its reputed acceptance of non-traditional families. Yet, what starts as an adventure quickly becomes a perilous odyssey through a maze of bureaucracy, international law, and unexpected roadblocks.

This memoir is more than a story of struggles; it’s a tribute to the extraordinary lengths a parent will go to for their children. It’s about battling against the odds, breaking down barriers, and shining a light on the power of unwavering determination and love.

“From Jet-setter to Fatherhood” is an emotional journey that captures the essence of parenthood and identity. It resonates deeply with anyone who has ever faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles in pursuit of their dreams, reminding us that our spirits are unbreakable. Dive into this unputdownable narrative that promises not just to tell a story but to touch your heart and ignite your hope.


“Incredibly Powerful!”- Dr. Adele Estrela

“Love defies odds in this gripping story of a gay man’s quest for fatherhood.” – OUT Magazine

A story so compelling, you’ll hold your breath with every page.” – TIME


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