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“Prepping for the shower

I have to say that doing something so traditional as a baby shower is really bringing joy to this very anxious time in my life.  As it gets closer to the time, things are starting to get real.  The preparation for twins is intense! Not only am I getting my house ready for them but I am also preparing a suitcase full of 38(x2) items.  The luggage should be ready anytime after 34 weeks!! I guess the not knowing is what’s killing me.  Will my babies be safe in Kenya? Will my mom be ok? Will the paperwork go through smoothly?  Will the results for the DNA be done quickly? Will the twins be okay traveling to Nairobi from Mombasa at two weeks?  Can I find a place suitable for the 4 of us close enough to the Canadian Embassy in Nairobi? Will the babies be okay with the 20-hour flight back home?  So when people ask me are you nervous about becoming a father?  No.  I am not.  I can’t wait to be up all night feeding my twins in my bed.  I can’t wait to be barfed on and shat on, in my bathroom.  What scares me the most is the first month of our lives together; will I be able to stay calm for the sake of these two souls I chose to bring into this world?

So shortly after moving back to Toronto, I had an event planner reach out to me about working on my baby shower (@savvyplanner).  Alexander has been fantastic and has made this whole experience super easy. I probably made it very difficult for her because I had no idea what a baby shower should look like. I knew I didn’t want pink and blue, but I also knew I wanted it to be unique.  Being VP of Pflag York Region, I didn’t want it to be cliche. Who says that pink is for girls and, to be honest, I hate pink.  So I finally decided on a classy black and white striped theme with a splash of gold. 

I didn’t care what the cost would be. It was vital for me to do something I wanted.  People asked me why I would spend money on a baby shower?  Do you know how many weddings, stags, showers, baptisms, engagement parties, (the list continues), that I’ve been too! Now it’s my fucking turn to celebrate something. Finally.  So yes I’m not a woman, and yes the majority of my guests are, but this shower is going to be off the hook!

This week I’ve been getting the prizes ready for my guests, yes I’m doing cheesy games, but my prizes are incredible!  Through my Instagram ( and the help of the fabulous Patricia from @vaughanmoms, I was contacted by a couple of local companies donating the prizes.  I am so grateful for these companies.  The first is Freedom Medi-Spa (@freedommedispa). Daniella generously offered a microdermabrasion facial, and then I received a $300 gift certificate from Maid Pro (@maidpro_thornhill) for their home cleaning services and finally 02 Fuel Fitness (o2fuelvaughan)  who donated a 6-week challenge which includes unlimited training, an accountability coach and a personalized nutrition plan!  Seriously, I’m thinking of buying some wine as prizes and keeping these for myself.

So my shower is this Sunday, and that’s when I will reveal the babies sexes. I’m dying to scream it out!!! Make sure to follow #titotwins on Instagram. I’ll be posting videos and pictures of it all. I may be stressed out, but I thank God every day for this stress.  There is not a day that passes where I don’t feel blessed and grateful for this moment in my life.



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