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Preparing for Kenya

Flights are booked, and now the real packing begins. For the first time in my life, I’ve backed a month and a half early for a trip. I strongly recommend getting an agent to book this flight for you. I’ve traveled my whole life, and it usually takes me a second to book online, but this is different. Not knowing the return dates, not knowing where you are flying out of, not knowing the birth date of the babies to book them on my return flight, this can get overwhelming with all the other things you have to prepare. So let’s get to the suitcase full of baby items. Many of you have asked me what am I bringing for the babies. My Clinic has been very helpful as they have many parents that have made this trip before.

Baby items list:

  1. One of the most essential items is the carrier to carry the baby around with you. I bought the Phil & Teds nest.
  2. four thin blankets for the carrier – either cotton, flannel or best are muslin usually used for swaddling.
  3. Baby formula – 6 kg for two babies for a month. I’ve got two just in case so 8 kg of formula (in small plastic containers).
  4. Something to help babies with colic, Vitamin D DROPS, and probiotics
  5. Baby bottles with extra nipples – at least six good plastic bottles for each baby, so you do not have to wash and sterilize them all the time. Playtex plastic bottles with disposable liners.
  6. Hot water flask – to carry hot water on the go and for the flight home so that you can prepare a fresh formula for the baby
  7. Two Bottle and nipple brushes to wash the bottles and nipples.
  8. Bottle sterilizer for a microwave or electric to sterilize the bottles.
  9. Four breathable baby blankets – to keep the baby warm and swaddle:
  10. 5-6 receiving blankets.
  11. 12 Small washcloths.
  12. Eight small bibs.
  13. Four extra small receiving blankets to put on your shoulder when you burp the baby.
  14. 8 baby pyjamas
  15. 8 onesies
  16. 2 baby hats
  17. 4 pairs of baby scratch mittens,
  18. 6 pairs of baby socks
  19. 2 Warmer outfits for the flight.
  20. 4 baby bath towers.
  21. 4 pacifiers.
  22. Diaper bag – comes with a small traveling change pad.
  23. Baby first aid kit:
    • small baby scissors to cut the nails
    • nose cleaner – Nosefrida
    • nasal drops – saline water or sea water – drops – not spray
    • baby hairbrush
    • thermometer for baby
  24. Baby toiletries
    • baby body wash
    • baby body lotion
    • baby powder
    • diaper rash cream
  25. 8 bags of diapers 4 preemies and 4 newborns (I’m sure I can get more in Kenya)
  26. 4 boxes of wipes (I’m using organic ones, so I’m bringing them from here)
  27. Bug repellent – to spray around the baby carriers
  28. Small bottle of baby laundry detergent

So I think that about covers it for the babies. I hope my journey goes smoothly. For me, it’s important that anything that goes into my babies or is close to them comes from Canada. I’m sure they have everything in Kenya, but I feel better knowing that I brought it from home. I’ve washed and sterilized everything and packed all in a plastic zipper bag.



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