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Meeting my Baby Girls

What an unexplainable feeling, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Let me just add that it’s now hard for me to write a blog. It’s taking me 4 hours to just pull up the word document, between feedings and diaper changes but I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Meeting my baby girls has been the best day of my life.

So Friday, Nov 30th, I was told that I should be at the hospital at 2:00pm. At 1:45 I get two pictures sent to me showing the faces of my two little girls. I was beside myself! We quickly jump in a tuk-tuk and rush to the hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital did not allow me to assist in the birth of my girls and although a little upset I was too grateful to God that they were born and healthy. They were here, The two little angels that I waited for, for so long, were here.

As we walked into the surrogates room and saw her laying on the bed with a smile on her face, I immediately started to cry. This angle laying there gave me the most significant gift of my life. I am so so grateful to her. My mom ran to her, hugged and kissed her, repeatedly saying “thank you.” It was very emotional. The nurse then told us to follow her, that walked through the halls of this dingy hospital in Africa felt like a lifetime. What would they look like? What would I think? What would I feel? Would they know I was their father? Their father!!! I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m a dad.

We arrive at the NICU and were told to wait outside. Again time seemed to have stopped, people were talking all around me, but I couldn’t hear a thing, just my heart beating. The door opened, and there they were. They were so tiny. One looked at me so peacefully and angelic, as the nurse put her in my arms, I quickly called her Stella. She was the first born at 12:44 pm weighing 2.3 kilos (5.07 lbs). Mia was screaming and afraid, as she came into my arms she calmed a little but was so confused as to what was happening. She was born at 12:45 pm weighing only 1.85 kg (4.07 lbs). All I knew is that I loved them, I loved them with all my heart, and from here on out there would be nothing that I wouldn’t do for them. I quickly counted there fingers and toes, they were perfect. Thank God they are perfect!!

They spent the next 3 days in the hospital, we stayed as long as possible with them. Until finally Monday, Dec 03, 2018 they were released into my arms. From here on out I will never be apart from them again.



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