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Joseph Tito, a successful 37-year-old producer and director, faced significant challenges on his journey to parenthood. Despite his affluent lifestyle as a single, gay man, he felt a deep sense of loneliness and incompleteness, prompting him to pursue fatherhood through surrogacy. Tito’s journey was fraught with obstacles: he experienced multiple failed embryo transfers and complex bureaucratic hurdles in Kenya, where his surrogate was located.

However, his determination was unwavering, driven by his desire not to reach old age without children. Ultimately, his perseverance paid off when he welcomed twin girls, Stella and Mia. The experience not only filled the void in his life but also reshaped his perspectives, leading him to advocate for surrogacy and diverse family structures through his writings and online platform, The Dad Diaries. Tito’s story highlights the challenges and profound joys of pursuing parenthood against the odds, underscoring the universal themes of love, family, and acceptance.

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60-minute  |  Documentary  Film  |   2024
Italian Canadian film-maker and social media influencer Joseph Tito shares his moving and inspirational story. From coming out as gay to his catholic parents, to navigating surrogacy as a single man, to finding the love of his life, Joseph delves into his struggles and victories, as well the hard work he put into reaching a goal he pined for more than anything else: a happy life with a perfect family.


Joseph Tito’s Journey to Parenthood: A Tale of Resilience and Love

Joseph Tito was 37 and living a glamorous life in Dubai when he realized he needed more: a family. Facing significant challenges as a gay man in the adoption process, Joseph opted for surrogacy in Kenya. Despite relationship breakdowns, multiple failed embryo transfers, and daunting legal hurdles, he never gave up. His determination paid off when his surrogate gave birth to twins, Stella and Mia, on November 30, 2018.

Today, Joseph balances the roles of both mother and father, infusing his daughters’ lives with love, nurturing, and patience, inspired by the strong women in his life. Every day with Stella and Mia brings him joy and a deep sense of purpose, especially when hearing their nightly “I love you.”

Joseph’s message to others facing similar challenges is clear: “Don’t give up. Keep going, and know that everything happens for a reason.” His story is a powerful testament to the strength of love and the importance of family.

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