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“choosing an egg

Okay, I’m bad at choosing the right eggs at the supermarket, let alone select the genes of my child. What do you look for in a donor? So I get an email with about 40 women aged between 20-28. Besides a couple of pictures of what they look like, you get to know; age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, body type, education, parent info and what their favorite food and hobbies are.

I knew I wanted dark features, besides the fact that my ex-was Persian, I’ve always been attracted to dark features, in men and women. Not that I don’t think blondes can be beautiful but hey, personal preference. So the top 40 were a no for me. Although my father really liked this redhead for some reason, my mom thinks it’s because she was very fair skinned. Could my dad be a racist? Did you know that there is a price difference between eggs from different cultures? A Caucasian (American) egg could cost 4-8 thousand dollars more. Crazy. No offense to my American friends but I don’t want my daughter to be American! Anyway, I explained to them that I wanted a woman with darker features. Another 20 profiles filled my inbox, and they were all pictures of dyed black hair very white skinned South Africans. I this point I called to talk to my ‘Seamless Patients Services Coordinator.’ Aashna, I say, please habibti I want dark features! Do you have any Persians, Arabs, Italian, Mediterranean? I then learned that in these countries surrogacy is illegal, I was astonished about Italy, but anyway. So since it is illegal, I’m assuming egg donation must not be done?

So my next set of egg donors came from India. Beautiful wheat skinned long black hair, black almond eyes. Yes, this is who I want my daughter to take features from. I keep saying daughter, but really I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet, and as long as my baby is healthy I will be happy. I sent my top picks to my ex and continued to study them. Their education, the parent’s info, where they work, if they liked anything artistic. I narrowed it down to 2. While flipping through the two, my ex-calls. He said I like profile #… the best. The one he had mentioned was the one that was facing me on my computer, so I thought okay we have our donor.



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