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Welcome to The Dad Diaries! I'm Joseph Tito, a once globe-trotting film and TV director who has found his most rewarding role yet—father to twin girls, Stella and Mia, brought into my world through surrogacy.Before children, I had a successful career in film and TV as a director and producer, which allowed me to live and work all over the world. However, one night in a hotel room in Dubai, I realized that there had to be more to life than the one I was living. So, I embarked on the journey of surrogacy to start a family. It wasn't an easy road, but it has been incredibly rewarding. I want to share my journey through surrogacy and offer insights and tips for others considering this path to parenthood. I'll be honest about the highs and lows and document my adventures as I navigate this new chapter in my life. From jet-setter to fatherhood, this is my story. Thank you for joining me on this journey through fatherhood.

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The Dance Between Tradition And Authenticity – City Life Magazine

The odds were against Joseph Tito: he had everything money could buy, but the challenges of becoming a parent as a single gay man were significant.

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60 minutes |  Documentary Film  |  2024. |  Italian
Italian Canadian filmmaker and social media influencer Joseph Tito shares his moving and inspirational story. From coming out as gay to his catholic parents, to navigating surrogacy as a single man, to finding the love of his life, Joseph delves into his struggles and victories, as well the hard work he put into reaching a goal he pined for more than anything else: a happy life with a perfect family.


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